What exactly plasma effects when it's run through Spooky2 Central?

The attachments to Spooky2 Central work very different than when on XM or GX. The purpose of the attachments to Spooky2 Central is to force the frequency into the cells to more effectively kill the organism. Ultrasonic helps with frequencies flowing to the spot, PEMF assists the cell in opening up, Contact and Plasma assist in pushing the frequency into the cell to kill it.

All those, use when you are using Spooky2 Central. If you are not going to use them, when the machine is off, disconnect them.

If you want to run Spooky2 Central, Plasma during the day, you can put a fingernail attached to or right next to the bulb and this will give you remote treatment of whatever is running. The same way the generators work in Remote mode. This is beneficial if other generators are tied up.

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