How to chain the Tinnitus healing program and Detox program.

You can change these settings. Here's what you can do. Tinnitus is a program, not a preset. A preset has multiple programs and all the options like waveform, amplitude, etc. are already done. A program is just frequencies.

What you need to do first is open a "shell empty remote healing" preset and create a preset containing the Tinnitus program and any other programs you may want to add. In the programs tab, you can determine how many times you want the program to run or how many hours you want it to run. Save that as a preset. Now, open another empty shell and go to your user presets file. Click on the file you created and add to the "chain presets" box below. Then open the "detox" folder and find the "detox maintenance" preset. Add that preset to the "chain presets" box. This runs for about 5 hours. If you want both presets to run consecutively non-stop, make sure "repeat chain" has a 0 on the programs tab. If you want it to run both presets once (and more), make sure that number is in the repeat chain box. You can also modify the number of times each program will run before switching to the next preset by changing the number in "repeat each program". If you want everything to run just once, make sure it's a "1". A "0" will run continuously so you don't want a "0" in the repeat program box or it won't go to the next preset. Now save those both as a new preset. Go back to your user presets folder and open this file. It's all done for you and all you need to do is start it. It will run the Tinnitus program for your pre-determined amount of time and then switch to the detox program and stop when set. Hope this helps.

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