My dad has red scaling on his face accompanied by scabbing at times, I believe it's a form of Keratosis. He also has a black dot on his lip; while running Sample Digitizer scan, the results indicated mouth cancer. He drinks regularly . Any suggestions?

For him to stop drinking he will need a big reason to do so. If his WHY isn't big enough then your efforts will probably be in vain.

Presets->Detox->Remote: Terrain-Mercury (if he has amalgams) else run Terrain.
Detox Maintenance non stop on Remote after completing Terrain.
Liver, kidney and Adrenal support on Remote (Healing Shell).
Lymph Circulation and Lymph stimulation on Remote (Healing Shell).
Inflammation General on Remote Healing Shell)
Wrist laser - Run Blood Cleanser Cancer daily.

Diet - need to eliminate processed foods, sugars and sweeteners.
Exercise - daily by walking briskly for 30 minutes or more.
Water - drink 2-3 liters/quarts of filtered water a day. An activated charcoal water filter will suffice if you can't afford a more elaborate water filtering system.
Drinking some alkalyzed filtered water each day will help raise blood PH. Use PH strips to monitor urine PH

Run a GX Biofeedback scan using urine sample If he has a high level of cancer cells in his blood they will also show up in the urine.

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