I noticed on the description for the PEMF coil that it can be used to imprint water. I have noticed in the frequency list that there are frequencies for vitamins and minerals. Could one imprint the equivalent of a multivitamin in a glass of water?

1. https://www.spooky2.com/forums/search.php?keywords=+imprint&terms=all&author=&sc=1&sf=all&sr=posts&sk=t&sd=d&st=0&ch=300&t=0&submit=Search

2. I have been working on making a healthier water for myself for a while.

You can also use the cold laser to imprint water with frequencies.

I ended up using Neo magnets and radiation stones, with a vortexer. I do one gallon for about 3 days then pour it into a dispenser that has elite shungite, I let it sit usually overnight before drinking.

It tastes pretty good, but I know any health effects will be in such slow motion that measurements and comparisons are not quick and easy to make.

I just keep drinking it.

3. If you look in the presets tab in the "Heal\Plasma" and "Heal\Remote" folders you will find a preset by John White for vitamins/minerals.

For more details, please check the link:

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