If I buy another set of TENS cables, can I put my wife in parallel on the lower power port (colloidal) on one generator?

1. I suggest you buy another XM generator and Contact Coax cable and a Remote, then she can run programs that suit her that may not suit you at the same time.

Connecting two sets of Contact pads to the same person at the same time isn't recommended practice. Connecting two people via contact at the same time on the one generator may work but it's something I wouldn't do.

2. However, if you intend to run the same frequency program for both of you, as in the detox or similar, it will work well. We can’t afford to buy a second unit atm, and it may be the same for others, so it’s good to know that one XM, two sets of contacts or one remote with both DNA samples, will work. What I’ve done, is use the follow-out button and put both our biofeedback results in to run concurrently but on separate channels. We’ve not found any detriment in getting the others’ frequencies as well as our own. Just be aware that you share the power available because you have to skip using the boost if using two separate channels. Unfortunately, we can’t always get all the gear that’s recommended, so have to use what we have.

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