Can I place Cold Laser in my ears and choose the preset for ear infection (over 4 hour’s program)?

1. I guess the 4-hour program is the best to be used on remote mode, or as contact treatment (TENS pads) overnight.

2. When you have really long programs, you can take a look at some of the information like dwell time. Standard dwell is usually 180 seconds which is 3 minutes. Some programs set frequencies to run much longer, like 600 seconds or 10 minutes. What I do if I select a really long program for contact but don't want to wait the full time, I'll reduce the dwell multiplier to 0.5 on the programs tab which will cut the total time in half but also cut the time for each frequency in half. This may reduce the efficacy of specific frequencies but if you run the program often, that can make up for it. If you only plan to run a program once, this might not be recommended and you should find a shorter program that will work for you.

3. Please note the notes when using different devices - This is for the cold laser, please see 30 minutes is the time frame, can be extended a little - Also please note, it might not matter what frequency. It’s the light waveform that does the work.


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