Why does my scan only give a few results to me?

1. This isn't specifically in response to this post but for others who may read this post and also feel frustrated about doing scans.

The Biofeedback scans are not meant to be definitive or any kind of diagnosis. It's your body telling you what frequencies it wants or needs. You start with the top 10 or 20, run those for a while, then repeat another scan. And then run frequencies as long as is appropriate. The goal isn't to get to the point where you have no results. You'd be dead. You're always going to get a list of frequencies when you do ANY kind of scan. While the reverse lookup can be informative, it's a distraction. Too many people lose faith in doing the scans because the frequencies that show up don't match what they believe is their diagnosis. Confirming your symptoms or diagnosis is not the point of doing the scans. You're asking the body what it needs and you are providing it. Simple.

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