Any experience or responses on drug resistance like Staph Aureus?

You shouldn't run single frequencies or small sets for extended periods for this very reason pathogens adapt. This is where some of the settings in the Spooky2 software like wobble and spike come in handy but you really should know what you're doing before you just start playing around with settings. Some of the presets have these changes incorporated for this reason and why biofeedback scans are recommended to accompany many of the cancer and L&M presets.

You should be fine running a killing program for up to a couple weeks before you give your body a rest. One thing you can do if you have multiple generators is staggering programs 5 minutes apart. So let's say you have 3 generators. You start a program or preset on one, wait 5 minutes and start the second, then in 5 more minutes, start the third. This bombards the pathogens consecutively with the expectation of making it harder for it to adapt. Some of the presets are almost a year long so running frequencies 24/7 isn't as much of a concern as long as they regularly change while running the same few frequencies constantly can have negative side effects.

You can also combine frequency sets to avoid fatigue on the body. If you are running killing programs, it's usually recommended that you also run detox programs to help clear dead stuff and toxins out and you can combine programs or presets so that you do healing or beneficial stuff too.

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