Can I do a biofeedback scan on a fingernail?

If you have GX and SD you must use filings, almost like dust. It will read DNA not just nail. You can do biofeedback with a nail if you are using the pulse and the XM generator, but as said above, it is not as effective with the GX. Turning it into a powder is referring to the digitizer which is with the GX, not the XM. The best option for biofeedback with the GX is contact. Taking into consideration what your issues are. For example, if I have a cold, I put sputum in the SD. I get amazing and quick results. Some use urine for kidney issues or bladder infection. Hope that gives you more direction.

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    Jaan Suurküla

    In what sense is GX biofeedback not as effective? Do you mean that it is less sensitive? Or less precise (I would expect the opposite)?

    Is there any solution for making biofeedback on someone far away? I am thinking of  sending digitizer slides in that case. What do you recommend?



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