Is there one of the BFB methods that is more "accurate" than others? Tens are good because they can be "localized" and that sampler digitizer can be very effective if what is being addressed is represented in the specific fluid/tissue being digitized?

First, depends on what equipment you have. I have four XM's and the scalar unit. I do not own a GX. I recently asked the question about consistency of results across different methods and didn't get a definitive answer. When I thought about it, I realized it doesn't make much difference. If you trust in the technology, you will see that whichever scan method you use, it's going to tell you what your body needs. Doing the digitizer with a GX is probably the quickest and most convenient. I am not able to order the scalar digitizer because I do not own a GX but that will hopefully be resolved in the near future. For now, I still need to lay in place for about an hour (at least) and do the original biofeedback scans.

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