I have watched several Spooky videos, made notes on how to chain presets, and I am still confused. Where are these instructions on Spooky website. Or has anyone compiled instructions that work?

1. If you open the Chain Preset Editor located on your \Spooky2 folder, then you have a help menu with everything explained.

2. Please see Help from within the program, a help file will open


or, goto C:\Spooky2\ChainEditior_Help and open the file per picture


3. This may not be the recommended method but it works for me.

Let's take a topically subject such as DH frequencies. You want to build a chain for 0001 thru 0006 - you will want this anyhow. Go to PRESETS tab. Find where you have David's Experimental Frequencies stored and click on that. Go to DH_0001 and click on that. On the LH side between the 2 boxes there is a down pointing arrow. Click on that and DH_0001 will appear in the lower box. Go to the upper LH box and click on 0002. Go down to the arrow and click on it again. 0002 will appear below 0001 in the lower box. Repeat the process until you have all 6 presets in the lower LH box. Now in the upper corner of the lower LH box where the 6 presets at shown, the is a blue floppy disc icon with a small green arrow on it. Click on this icon and a dialogue box will appear where you save the chain. Name the chain something like " David's Blessings on Sharon" - Just kidding about the name but you get the idea. Save the new file in the user folder where you would like to store those personal chain that you will build.

Don't worry if you later want to change you mind about a previous preset chain you have built. when you open the Presets USER folder under the PRESETS tab you will see your preset chain under the name you have given it. If you don't like it - or the name for that matter - just highlight the one you don't want and click on the icon in the top RH corner with the red cross and the broom and the errant preset chain is gone from everywhere.

4. Chained presets are typically created in the Spooky software, and edited or modified with the ChainEditor. You can actually create a chained preset in ChainEditor. The current User's guide documents each button that is used in creating a chained preset, but it does not offer a tutorial. The ChainEditor only gives a tutorial on how to edit an existing chained preset.

A chained preset is a collection of simpler presets that are glued together in what is called a chain.

In the Spooky software, in the Presets tab you select the presets you want to include in your chain. In this example, I've chosen \Miscellaneous\Remote\Eczema(R) - JK. Once you've selected a preset, click the button with a down arrow on it, whose tool tip is "Add the preset to a chain".


After you click the "Add the preset to a chain", the preset appears in the area below the other presets.


Add any additional presets you may want in the chain (1). Then click the Save button (2) and give your chained preset a name.


In this example, I called the chained preset CreateTutorial.


At this point, I've created a chained preset, but if I run this, Spooky will never leave the first preset. Why? Because each of these presets I added were all designed to run forever, that is, to run until you quit them. To fix this problem, I can run ChainEditor on my new chained preset by clicking the Pencil icon after selecting my new preset in the Preset tab. The new preset is in the User folder.


When ChainEditor starts, note that the estimated run time (1) is forever, in red. To fix this, I need change the run times of each child preset. I start by clicking the first preset (2), and then set the Run For field (3) to the number of hours I want to run. In my example, I want to set the Run For field to 12 hours.


If you want to set the same Run For time for all the child presets, you first highlight all the presets in the left (1). Then type 12 into the Run For field (2), and type the Tab key to accept the value. Note that the Estimated run time is now 1 day 12 hours (3).


To save the settings in my chained preset, I click the Save menu command in the File menu.

Now I can go to Spooky, click on CreateTutorial preset, and it will run through all the presets in the chain.

5. You can also create chain presets directly in ChainEditor. First choose the New menu command in the File menu. This will give you an empty ChainEditor window.

Now open a Windows Explorer / File Manager window, and descend into C:\Spooky2\Preset Collections\Miscellaneous\Remote\. Drag and drop Eczema (R) - JK.txt (1) into the Preset part of the ChainEditor(2).


You can drag multiple preset (1) (using Control-Click) into ChainEditor(2).


Another way to add a preset into the chain is to click the + button.


Now fix the Run For times as was shown in the previous post, and the Save your preset.

If you want more details, please check the link:

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