My plasma bulb is way too much for my laptop. Initially I just had to keep the laptop far away from bulb, but now laptop can’t even be in same room. Does anyone have recommendations as which laptops can handle the plasma bulb the best?

1. My experience with laptop programs locking up when using plasma is due to RF feeding back through the generator connection. The measures I used to reduce RF interference in the posts below have significantly reduced program lockup. In recent times I only had to reboot my laptop when I lost a USB generator connection.

2. Try getting the cables with the ferrite cores. Here there are on the Spooky2 Mall:
Also for the BNC connector:

3. The program crashing (not responding) happened to me as well.. I had multiple generators as well as my plasma machine tied into one power strip. When I relocated the plasma machine to a different outlet in the same bedroom, my problems disappeared. I'd suggest giving that a try.

4. Putting a ferrite/iron ring around the power cord from Central/Plasma would also be a good idea.

If you want more details, please check the link:

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