Help my 3-legged wonder dog with her lung cancer. Oncologist had a hard time identifying the exact type, but staining indicates it's Histiocytic Sarcoma. Does anybody have any advice?

1. Don't mean to send you gallivanting around but I think the best places for answers for pets are the following two links:

Definitely use the search function here on the Forum for specific cancer, the area involved, and cancer in general. Save any information that stands out. Then check out the other two sites.

If you can learn any method of muscle testing or using a pendulum for yes/no answers, it would be easy to narrow down the information to use what is best for your dog. A pendulum can be made out of just about anything and with a neutral mindset (this is just for "experimental" purposes), most people can quickly get a reaction from a pendulum. You ask the pendulum to show you a "yes".....and wait for it to happen. Then you ask it to show you a "no".....and wait for it to happen. Once you've established the yes/no swing of the pendulum, you begin asking about each of the rife programs. You want to know if "_______" is healing for "__(the dog's name)__". Trust you get the correct answer and don't keep repeating the question. Doubt in the mind affects the answers. If you read the book "The Emotion Code", you can learn to muscle test. You can also then Emotion Code your dog ( I actually do this by running a magnet over a photograph of the animal ). Animals have no resistance to energy healing so they are perfect specimens to tap into.

If you learn to muscle test or use a pendulum, it would be a good idea to check brands of pet food to see what is good for your dog and what is not.

2. If you have GeneratorX (GenX, GX) and Sample Digitizer, you can also get a blood sample from the ear and or urine samples and run biofeedback scans on them.

Also, consider Spooky2 Scalar and Scalar Digitizer for biofeedback scans.

Also, consider Big Magic PEMF and place the mat under the dog's bed.

3. Please also run Detox programs for your dog, like ALL Maintenance preset.

If you want more details, please check the link:

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