My mom 83, fell. She broke the shoulder, elbow and fracture the hip. All on the same side. Has been in hospital for 4 weeks. After that has been taken off, she has bad bruising on the legs. How can spooky2 help?


1. My mom found that using the Spooky2 PEMF Coil with various Healing programs (on one of the Healing empty presets) greatly accelerated wound injury.
She simply holds it over the injured part. It is great for healing open wounds as well as internal bleeding (in muscle and under the skin!!). She is in her 80s.

2. It depends of course on context. Sometimes in order to know what to search for you need to know what you're after. i.e. detox. It's a preset series of frequencies that aid the body with actual detoxification.
If Rosemary oil works, in the real world, then it should also follow that the Rosemary frequency works too, yes? I don't say things to suggest methods outside of Spooky, but to suggest what areas one might search within Spooky2.

3. I would load in Remote several Healing / Regeneration programs, there are many in the database, and I remember people using it and having great success with Plasma and other methods, it will work well on Remote.

4. With Spooky2 you can create Ionized Colloidal Silver Water. Silver water kills all virus, germs, bacteria, safe to use. Investigate it. Plus you can Rife with many Essential Oils via their MW programs. Many of these aid healing, stimulate Immunity system, relieve pain, etc. so--please consult the Programs page & their descriptions, and study your options. Of course foods can aid in speedy recovery, as can simply drinking good, clean water to aid the body to carry away debris.

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