I have a fast heartbeat, anyone has a clue what direction to take? I’ve read it could be herpes, or emf due to pathogens. Is it a good thing to use the heart function balance program when I don't know why it's beating fast?

1. Start to take magnesium chloride footbaths.
2. In your case I would suggest going with regular scanning every 3 days, you should be out of it in 1 week, if not comment here back I will share other programs I used to help them.
3. High pulse can have many causes. Eating something we should not bring the pulse up. But then it would only go up after eating. Salty food also brings the pulse up.
Mental things can also bring the pulse up. Some years ago, I tested with pulse belt to see how it really behaves. I found out that when I was sitting in a meeting and had to stay calm, my pulse went up, but when I was allowed to speak it went down.
Also, I realized that with some pathogens I removed my pulse went down.
But it is still about 80 when I just slept and I am 95% pathogen free now. Before the pulse was 95 after sleeping.
A friend of mine always had a very low pulse, but the doctor found 30 pathogens which were acute in his body.
People doing a lot of sport also have a lower pulse.

For more details, please check this link:

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    Dr. Ralph Winestock

    Related to the Spooky2, you should know the cause.  If not, tachycardia frequencies for starters.


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