I have a ringworm fungus on the back of my knee. Can I run the shell kill ringworm program through Cold Laser directly on the ringworm?

At a wild guess an not having done much cold laser and with only a kitchen table knowledge of these things, I would say yes, but it could also be a systemic issue which means not only treating the topical problem, but also systemic fungus and candida inside the body. Also cleaning up the inner environment with repeated use of terrain to help with that. In my humble opinion and with limited knowledge, I would repeat terrain many many times whist tacking candida as a result of grade scanning candida yeast /mould frequency sets and stack the topical treatment on top of that. Some sources suggest that yeast overgrowth in the body is a result of metal buildup in the system. So dealing with that may help as well as cleaning the liver and organs of elimination and filtration.

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