After suffering an infarction I have been left with Quadrantanopia caused by damage to the optic nerve in the brain. I would like to know if any treatment is available to repair or regenerate the optic nerve.

1. You need to increase nerve growth factor while minimizing inflammation, both at the same time.
Inflammation help
Nettles boswelia turmeric garlic will all really help

Also since you mention heart problems look into taking a statin which can reduce neuroinflammation. Also be sure to get plenty of DHA and EPA, very critical for nerve health.

2. In programs tab do a search on all databases for 'nerve' (or whatever you want). I leave out the MW, DNA, and BP databases.

Load all of the programs by highlighting them and click the green plus button beside 'loaded programs'. This pulls them in to be ran. Now if you are uncomfortable with anything you see just edit it out. You can save here if you want, it will save the set of programs as 1 in custom database.

It will be a lot of programs, so set the dwell to .05 and repeat chain to 0. Use healing remote program, square or sine wave. I set my amplitude to wobble from about .5 volts to 20 volts. This is done in settings tab.

Make sure to 'Remove duplicate frequencies' in program tab, before running them.

Now you are ready to load to generator and run.
It's worth a try.

3. Please see Quadrantanopsia listed in Programs. I would also do a biofeedback scan with Gen X.

If you want more details, please check the link:

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