Toenail fungus, I place some of the fungal infected toenail clipping on the Remote. Using the same logic, won't that just get me more fungal infection on the toenail? Would the above work?

1. I think you are confusing the Spooky Remote with the transmission plate of the Spooky Scalar. You only put your DNA into the Spooky Remote, not any other substances. With Spooky Scalar, you can use molecular modulation to put anti-cancer substances to put the energy of that substance into the scalar field.

2. I think it depends on what program(s) you run at the same time that the infected nail is in the remote. If the fungal infected nail has DNA of the fungus, then this should be targeted - as long as the program is correct to kill it.
I have been having trouble finding the proper frequency(ies) to get rid of a nail deformity, so I know the frustration.

For more details, please check this link:

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