Considering that I am dealing with complete unknown-black specs coming out of my body, what is the best course of actions here? Can I put 2 items in Digitizer - saliva or skin for my DNA, and the speciments/ black specks - both at the same time.

Yes, you can scan multiple stuff maybe "items" is a better word for the "liquid solution" you are scanning. I do not have a Digitizer, but you will have to have the solution between the plates and it will need to be wet'ish to scan. and actually a little conductive, anyway, I will leave the scanning using the Digitizer up to those folks whom have one.

As far as killing, you would just scan the conglomeration and then run it as a kill program like any other pathogen scan. That is load a killing preset and then use the scan you saved as the program to load, and run it.

If you want more details, please check the link:

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