Liver DNA cannot be treated remotely? What about Spooky2 Scalar?

When you use any DNA sample from your body, even your fingernail cuttings, and you treat the DNA with the Spooky2 Remote, you are treating every cell in your body, including the cells in your liver.

There are some toxins in your body and detoxing your body is treating your liver. Killing pathogens in your body will make the immune system work better to reduce the load in your liver. Detoxing other areas and applying helpful frequencies like chakra frequencies may up your personal energy systems which may assist your body positively in mysterious other ways. Drinking distilled water and not tap water or plastic filled bottled water may be a way to treat your liver. Increase the health of the blood that gets filtered by the liver may be another way. tons of ways to look at.

As far as the Spooky2 Scalar, it appears easy if that is the modality of experimentation you are seeking to perform, as I understand the Scalar increases your scalar energy field, supposedly so the body scalar fields will be rejuvenated, but this is all speculation as no one really knows how it works or its actual function, but users state an increase in their perceived energy levels. so I can say Scalar seems easy to use, but you have to ask and understand what you are trying to accomplish from it.

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