My daughter was diagnosed two weeks ago with a Glioma. Can you let me know what you would recommend that we start with for her? She had surgery to remove part of the Glioma about a week ago. So, she is still recovering from that.

1. step 1, getting equipment. Done.
step 2, signing and read the forums. Done.
step 3, performing terrain protocol for detoxing,
step 4, start hunting by using the pulse scan and killing using the phanotron.
step 5, target specifics using the built-in public database.
step 6, re-evaluate all above and all along the way to see effectiveness.
step 7, start again with the step 4, keep up with step 3, and discuss with the forums about everything else that bugs you, and last but not least, read the forums over and over here and there for extras you may find

2. If you start the Spooky2 software and look in the Presets tab under \Cancer\BY\ you'll find a guide on using Spooky2 for such.

Other than that, the list that Phip put up there is right on the money. It should be stressed to get the Terrain protocol going ASAP. And you generally want to let it run for the full 11 days. Keep a close eye on her to make sure you don't need to pause it for a day or so if she starts feeling the effects too much.

Also make certain to detox her on a physical level. Get her diet in order. Get all the nasty chemicals out of the house and find proper, non-toxic replacements for virtually everything like shampoos, soap, makeup, you name it. We've got a ton of information on this forum about things to do.

If you want more details, please check the link:

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