What process / sequence of actions would you suggest to attack both, possible Morgellons and possible mites with 1 XM and 1 Gen X?

I think if you haven't done so already, you could download and install the Spooky2 software. When you open it there will be tabs. The first one is to preset. Click there and looking down the list, you'll see Morgellon's and Lyme. Click there and at the bottom of that list, you'll see the Guide PDF. They outline much of what you want to do for Morgellons.

For scabies, you'd go to the Presets tab. Click on Shell (Empty) Presets, Remote and then Killing (JW). That tells the software to prep for loading the settings for doing remote killing. Then click on the Programs tab and do a search for Scabies. Now the thing to know here that confuses people is you only have to click once on the Killing (JW) or any preset, but you need to double click on any programs you want to run using the preset. So, either double click on any programs you found in your search, or you can click on them and then click the plus sign below the list to add it. From there click on Control tab, Overwrite generator and then click on a generator you have a Remote attached to. From there you press Start.

If you already have an XM, you probably know that already.

From there, if you have the Contact kit, you could place Tens Pads on either side of an outbreak and run a contact biofeedback scan to give you a list of frequencies that are out of line, so to speak. And with that, you can create a program to run on a Remote.

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