To treat scabies and Morgellon disease, if I have my XM Remote kit already, is there anything in this kit for GenX that I don't need? If I would go for Plasma would I not need to buy GeneratorX?

1. I think I'd dump the PEMF coil for the moment. The XM and GX don't really have enough horsepower for it. Plus the MiraMate Mini & Big Magic are here now. (Of course, more money)

You don't really need Hand Cylinders.

You won't use them every day, but I like having the Cold Lasers around. You can run the Wrist one to work on your blood and things.

I would keep the 2 Boosts and Remotes because you'll invariably want to run more Remotes simultaneously. More Remotes are good! The Scalar device is quite remarkable and there are a lot of stories being told. But so far it's not a killing machine. I don't know if anyone suffering from Morgellons has reported using scalar yet.

For scabies, I'm thinking the Plasma might be effective. But if you can extract one of the little mites and put it in Remote, you might do pretty well. You could do a contact scan (Tens Pads) on either side of an infected area to zero in on them too.

That won't make the kit all that much cheaper, maybe $40 or so? But 40 bucks is 40 bucks. You can actually go in the chat and request a custom kit with what ever pieces you do or don't want.

If you're not in a life and death, last ditch effort, which I think you aren't with Morgellons (just a lot of suffering and such), you can wait on the Plasma for sure to see if you can get your head around everything. If you get the plasma, you'll still have to have a generator. Most people use an XM because they're cheap and you don't need frequencies above 3Mhz anyway with the Plasma.

The GX and Plasma are two separate animals. The main thing that sets the GX apart is it's ability to do biofeedback using things like the sample Digitizer and it can do so faster than an XM with the pulse detector (Spooky2 Pulse) that people used (and many still do) with the XM Generator. The idea with the GeneratorX is that it makes it very easy to do a biofeedback scan without being tethered, using the Sample Digitizer.

With the Plasma, you have a more powerful tool, but it's only for applying frequencies, not for testing to see what frequencies to hit. The one thing that you'll discover is that many times the GX finds frequencies the Plasma can't reach, in which case you would use the Remotes.

2. I would like to also state something, I believe you should consider the Plasma sooner than later. The whole Idea for killing pathogens and bugs came from Tesla with the PEMF (high power pemf that is) and from Dr. Royal Raymond Rife who not only came up with the Plasma modality to kill pathogens but had his work tested and successfully cured and treated many patients that was documented. The issue with recreating his work has not been done due to the way he could tell which frequencies applied to which pathogens, which was the microscope he created that could see more than any current microscope can today. He was a genius, and we should not forget that is why we know we can kill pathogens with frequencies. He also was our only Proof that we could kill pathogens, everything else is a perception or belief that we have passed on by saying it cure us of this and that.

Spooky2 Scalar might surpass the Plasma, or make it irrelevant. But we do not know that. I know Spooky2 Scalar is a nice piece of kit, and there are some active forums using some basic level Scalar components to experiment with the whole Scalar modality thing as well even in this forum. But nothing works as good here as the Plasma does, not for killing pathogens.

And I agree with the others, you will need the Remote, the Digitizer was to experiment with liquid sample scanning for the GX, but the Remotes were supposedly for experimenting with Remote application of quantum Scalar application of frequencies, and how it works on you. Although it probably should be used for healing and healing entrainment instead of killing due to length of time applied to your DNA, a lot of folks here use it for both, a lot of folks believe it works good, and if nothing else it applies the spooky2 equipment when you cannot be in front of it using contact application which is so much stronger than the Remote.

Plasma is the only tested modality from the time when it became popular to the current time. Plasma is the king at killing pathogens.

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