If I buy Spooky2 Sample Digitizer for GeneratorX, do I need Spooky2 Remote v2.0? As per my understanding, Sample Digitizer just runs the biofeedback scans and kills whatever it finds as some auto-customized program?

Yes, you should get the Spooky2 Remote along with Spooky2 Boost with your GeneratorX and Sample Digitizer.

While the Sample Digitizer can be used to run programs to work on issues, it's not optimized for doing so like the Remote. And the Boost increases the effectiveness of the Spooky2 Remote.

The function of the Sample Digitizer is to do biofeedback scans and determine what frequencies need to be run. The Remote is designed to hold a DNA sample and really hit those pathogens.

For the Sample Digitizer, you'll run one of the biofeedback scan presets specifically set up for it.

I have been in the bewildered state looking at all the "stuff" having to do with Spooky2. You just need to stick with it a bit. Most of what you will do is going to scan and run using the Digitizer and Remote. So you can ignore all the other things for right now. If you want, you can also get the tens pad cable and pads so you can do contact scans. The downside is, you're hooked up to the generator and can't really move around. But if you're ordering stuff, getting the tens pad setup now will save shipping.

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