What is the list of items that I truly need to deal with Morgellons and possibly even Scabies?

A good setup might be the following:

Spooky2 Generator-X
Spooky2 Sample Digitizer
Extra SD replacement slides
Spooky2 Boost 3.0
Spooky2 Remote 2.0

That would be the very basics. Then you might consider:

Spooky2 Tens Contact Kit (I see they include gloves, socks and other stuff that makes it more convenient than sticking things to yourself but the pads are still very important to have around for scanning very specific areas)

Spooky2 Cold Laser - Either the wrist thing (my preference) or the twins or I guess both. But these are good for various things. I use the wrist thing to work on carpal tunnel.

Depending on your budget. If you are really having issues, the Spooky2 Central with the Phantron tube (I think the Phantron tubes are still out of stock though) is the heavy hitter. But it's expensive, relatively.

As far as "expensive" goes. My view after having my wife go to many doctors and through many treatments for cancer is that the cost of the most elaborate Spooky2 kit is cheap compared to a few doctors visits where they read you a report you could read yourself and they charge you $250-350 for the privilege. At least with Spooky2, you take some of that control back (assuming doctors are taking you seriously about Morgellons at all).

If you are able to afford it and are kind of on your own, you might consider the Spooky2 Plasma Generator-X Kit. It's a little over $2500, so it's not trivial. But you can't get anything like it for that price anywhere else.

The nice thing with Spooky2 is that they aren't in it to get rich. They really want to make helpful products affordable. So they don't penalize you if you don't buy a kit. The kits are simply to make it easier to get setup. The only thing it may cost you to add things later is shipping. So you don't have to worry that you'll pay more if you don't buy a "package".

Hopefully this helps more than confuses!

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