Do I need to connect my TENS cable to out1/2 port directly without boost while running the “hunt and kill(Contact)” preset? Is the intensity of “kill” action by directly connect to out1/2 same as by connecting the high power port of boost?

Before selecting GX Hunt & Kill preset you need to load a contact killing Shell (Empty) Preset into the GX generator that you want to run contact on. Note the USB Port number of this generator.
Next load the Hunt & Kill preset into the generator that SD is connected to.
Next in Control Tab->After Scan->Run on Gen = (0) Change this setting To the USB port # of the other GX generator.
Now ready to start the Hunt & Kill BFB scan for Contact mode.


Note that once the BFB scan is completed, it will run a refinement of the frequencies if this option is selected.
Below is the hits being run on Generator 8


If you cannot stand the intensity of high power port, you can reduce the amplitude for contact mode and save the new settings as a custom User Preset for later reuse.


For more details, please check the link:

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