How does kundalini preset / program work exactly?

Actually, if you read the preset notes, Jeff goes into detail about how he made the preset. The notes are in the right side of the Preset tab. The notes appear when you load a preset.

What we are find for people to heal that they have to work on their emotional side, stop the bad foods, get out of their bad environments and work on their physical side as well, by using Spooky2. Here are the notes from that great preset - I have had many people, old people living in Florida, walk again using the preset - there is nothing funny about it!

Kundalini for Remote by Jeff Kaczor

This preset combines Chakra 2 Chain and a customized ordering of the Songs of the Spine (Original Frequencies) which flows up the spine, then back down. This tones both the energetic and physical centers of the body. The Fibonacci 14 Stage Wobble stimulates petals of each Chakra.

Chakra 2 Chain is a set of frequencies that are associated with the Tibetan Singing Bowls. There is also much research that ties the frequencies into the very fabric of our space time, and they are based on the 432 Hz scale.

I used DrPankaj Kumar Mishra ordering of the Chakra 2 frequency set and his method of application as the basis for the entire preset, with some minor additions given the totality of what this preset is aiming to achieve.

This part of the preset is used to tone the energetic centers of ones being.

Songs of the Spine is based on the 440 Hz scale when you break it down, and in fact the source of these frequencies came from Dr. June Leslie Wieder who used tuning forks from said scale to identify and tone each vertebrae of the spine.

The second part of the preset is used to tone the physical center of ones being. I used the same ordering found in the Chakra 2 Chain for the Songs of the Spine.

Specifically, Chakra 2 Chain starts at the Root and flows to the Crown, then back down to the Scalar. Songs of the Spine starts at L5, flows up the spine to C1, then back down to L4.

For each run of the preset, each section is invoked twice. So when say the Songs of the Spine ends on L4, when it restarts it again finds itself on L5.

Since both the spiritual and physical centers are being targeted by this preset, I associated this with the Kundalini, which one can open and raise through meditation or various other means.

So since this is what term/name popped into my head when I needed a name to save this preset, I added Kundalini Expand to the end of the preset.

The Preset has been designed to loop continuously until stopped. Each area is toned 4 times a day.

Connect your Spooky White (BN) Remote to the 'BN' port of the Spooky Boost.


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