Do I need Boost when running "hunt and kill" preset? Do I just need to click "scan" to start scanning and running results?

Don't use Boost to connect Sample Digitizer (SD) to GX otherwise it may interfere with the biofeedback scan and give incorrect scan results.

Hunt and Kill preset will perform biofeedback scan and once the scan is completed, it will automatically start running the hit results on the SD unless you specify a different generator. Once the scan results have been run, a new BFB scan will automatically run again and will repeat this cycle until there are no more hits detected.
The SD will work as a Remote but not as efficiently as a proper Remote.

Connect Boost to the other GX generator (preferred option) or XM and connect Remote to BN port. In Control Tab enter the generator (USB) number in "Run on Gen" and select "Run Hits"
Repeat = 1 This setting will run the list of hits once. You can change this to a higher number if you want to give the bugs a longer thumping.

For more details, please check the link:

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