Can I not lay still and hook up all the wires for doing a Biofeedback scan with XM?

With an XM Generator, you must use a pulse and Contact or Pulse and Remote. With the Pulse meter, you must remain very very still otherwise you will get a hit because your heart rate will change if you move. I couldn't lift a finger or I would accelerate my heart and cause a hit. Everyone is different in the amount they can move. But all must not look at the TV, read, or do anything as these things will also change the heart rate. Must lie perfectly still and have white noise so your thoughts do not spike your heart rate.

The only wire I'm hooked up to is the ear clip, as I'm nowadays always using the Remote to send the frequencies. It often picks up my previous, even months old Scan results, both those that were done with Remote and Contact. (This means that those frequencies still need to be run).
I always look forward to run a BFB Scan as it creates a nice relaxation time of about 45 minutes, which in itself is another way to a healthy life.

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