My father has Septicemia (Sepsis), pneumonia, Golden Staph and some other form of Strepococcus infection. Would running the Terrain Protocol be difficult for his body to handle even if you were running Detox programs on the 2nd generator?

1. Re Sepsis. 
My suggestion would be to start with Inflammation General running on Remote non-stop. and "Detox Liver Kidneys Lymph Intestine ETDF"
Next "Blood Cleanser Cancer XTRA" using Wrist Cold Laser accessory.
Then "Phenuemonia General V CAFL" If you have Spooky Pulse only then do grade scans on a collection of pheneumonia type programs.
Then Terrain Nonviolent preset.
I would then tackle Strep and staph infections separately. 

2. Re Blood Cleanser. My daughter runs this program about 2-3 time per week when her energy levels drop. She runs this program for one cycle.

Re Pneumonia. Run the graded scans say for one day and see if that helps. Apparently, pneumonia is quite a common infection with sepsis, If this doesn't help then consider GX & Sample digitizer.

I also recommend getting blood tests done by a doctor. I personally avoid taking antibiotics unless its absolutely necessary.

Re Strep infections. Strep infections seem to keep happening with me and may be due to so many variants of this bug. I find I have to hit this bug quite often particularly when I get a runny nose. Last week I had to do daily BFB scans of nose and saliva samples for 4 days before I shook off the head cold. This helped to prevent a lung infection.

Re Staph infections. My daughter has to do several BFB scans with GX before she completed nailed it. She has a staph infection in a toenail. She used a combination of Tens contact BFB scan and treatment across the big toe. She finally nailed it when we used to put a piece of the infected toenail in my DIY droplet electrode and ran results on Remote (i think) for several days non stop using a killing JW shell preset.

3. My mother is pretty much the same and when she had a death-defying illness recently I understand what you are going through. Even though only in her 70's, but my problem with it is I can only do remote with her as sitting for electrodes is a no-go in her life, and me running plasma would require her to sit still, and even then she would feel silly. I would also have to take an entire system over to her house which is only 400ft away, but still, then she would belittle it no matter what due to it is not in her doctor office or on Dr. Phil show. So I do remote and then preach about super herbs like tumeric etc and ginger etc.

You will find if you run terrain protocol on them 24/7 that she will feel mostly good, but when they get sick, they get sick fast and like overnight, because the terrain keeps them up until the very second the bug takes over their system. sort of like a dam, the leaks that it springs are just tiny then when it cracks, the whole thing crumbles quickly. but she is good and active any other time.

But as Karl stated, strep and staph are baddies that are always there and looking for a way to turn the tide, and apparently, strep can actually live in your joints for months and months just living and dying and waiting for a chance to "break out" and do more damage. And pneumonia is bad in the airways, I have recently used colloidal silver in my nebulizer when I had a chest cold or bad cough during allergy season, and it did clear it up fast when I normally have to go get antibiotics for the infection. well, also I was running all pneumonia frequencies I could find as well though on Spooky2. Another case of what actually cleared it up, either way the end results was no antibiotics. So maybe colloidal silver and a nebulizer may help you with the pneumonia.

Anyway, I wish you well, and do understand your frustration as my mother is the same way. But we do what we can, best as we can.
Your story has made me feel better to know I am not alone with this type of situation.

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