Has anybody had experience with Spooky2 Scalar treating deep pelvic endometriosis, multiple fibroids and hydrosalpinx on both fallopian tubes. I have been treating it with Spooky Phanotron plasma but do you think this could be more efficient and quicker?

1. I don't have the parts necessary to have things like fibroids,  but I do recall a physician by the name of McDougall who promoted a particular vegan diet and as I recall, he said the diet would likely clear up the fibroids. 

If you already have a scalar device, I'd say go for it. If not, the product is still pretty new, so I'm unaware of anyone having posted anything about the conditions you've mentioned. I think though that endometriosis might be a good candidate, because it's such a difficult thing to cure with drugs or surgery. If nothing else scalar might be a pathway to explore for the following reasons:

Scalar energy should be more effective at penetrating the parts of the anatomy that contact mode or even plasma might not get to, although I don't think there's much that plasma can't touch.

Scalar energy has been noted to help with autoimmune problems, which is what endometriosis sounds like to me from some of the people I've to know to be plagued by it. I know it can really be debilitating. I'm very sorry you've had to go through it. I know of one woman that has had to undergo extensive surgery because hers got so bad.

Another thing to consider is the idea of being able to treat yourself with substances you might not otherwise want to ingest, like the example John White gives of treating with a chemo drug without actually taking the drug. With the scalar system, you have the ability to send the information about things like essential oils, pharmaceuticals, etc. just by placing it on the receiver coil.

Time will surely tell the tale, but so far people are coming back with positive stories. You might look at this thread, which is a cancer issue, but indicative of the very bleeding edge thinking and application of the scalar system:

I know this isn't exactly the information you were looking for, but it may help you to decide if scalar is for you.

2. You need to get some serrapeptase. It eats scare tissue and should help you a lot. The link below is what I take. I have been told that you can take00 to little of this and not get better but you can not take to much. I take 2 of these 3x daily. I believe you will notice results quickly. If 2 3X daily gets no results add one more. When you notice its working that is the dose and stay on 90 days before lowering the dose. I am not a doctor take at your own risk but I think you will be happy with results.

3. I have also used nattokinase as well, did it for maybe a month or so to clean scar tissue and hopefully clean my blood vessels out. it did thin my blood some, but I could not tell if it was doing anything else, so i quit taking it. but it supposedly ate scar tissue as well, and quite frequently both are sold together. and myself cannot and my wife does not have fibroids like that.

I know the scalar unit is expensive and do not know if it would work for you. But Robert has a very good point, if you up your immunity by reducing the load by destroying pathogens, then the body itself will work on it.

For more details, please check the link:

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