Should I do detox or biofeedback first?

Can't say one is more important than the other. They each have their own benefits. The biofeedback will tell you what frequencies you should be running for your body while doing detox will help clear out toxins and maximize functioning of your detox organs. It all really depends on how many generators you have and what you are looking to accomplish (i.e. what issues you are looking to tackle). The Terrain Protocol is 11 days straight on Remote so if you have more than one XM generator (or a GenX), you can start terrain on one and then run daily or weekly biofeedback scans and then run the results on the 2nd generator. If you only have one generator, start with Terrain and when it's complete, start doing Biofeedback Scans.

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    Peter Dugel

    I would run the detox first then run a biofeedback, but thats me.

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