Troubleshooting:Why does my two computers cannot connect with generator?( win 8.1 and win 10).

1. This problem occurs in WIN 10 after recent Microsoft updates. Win 10 loses USB ports, in my case the printer. I had to uninstall the printer and turn on the hardware detection again, detected the printer and reinstalled. Sure, Spooky2 may be the same. I use Spooky on Win 7 and WinXP and I have no problems although they are connected to the internet.

2. I hope you plugged into the wall and turned on the Spooky2 machine before plugging into your usb port. If you plug your Spooky2 machine into your computer before plugging it into the wall it can mess up the board. They have a small replaceable control board but if that does not work the only thing to do is buy a new main board. If you just got it hopefully they will replace it.

If you plug into the usb port and forget to plug it in to the wall also it can mess up the board.

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