I keep having trouble starting the process. How do I start Spooky? I try selecting Immune system program, and as I click Globa > Start it started Terrain again. And after I stopped it I completely lost Start option.

1. Best way to start is to select a ready-made preset from the Presets tab Miscellaneous folder (or Cancer folder or M&L folder).

Find one you wish to run, selecting from Remote, Contact, Plasma (depending on which modality you want to use).

Click your desired preset.

Move directly to the Control tab, click "Allow Generator Overwrites", click you gen icon, wait a few seconds until the preset appears, click start.

2. Ensure generator is stopped and cleared of any programs.

Select preset or program.

Under control tab, always first check “Allow overwrites”.

Click on generator and it should load your program.

For more details, please check this link:

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