Can I do Remote Biofeedback with Spooky2 advanced Kit?

The Pulse Scan requires the Pulse to be connected to your ear or finger, plus Tens Pads connected to your body or fingernail in a remote. Thus, no Pulse Scan can be done "at a distance".

The GenX contact scan requires you to connect Tens Pads to your body.

The Sample Digitizer Scan is the only one that can scan "at a distance". A sample such a blood, saliva or urine is added to the sample plates and a suitable scan is selected. You do not need to be physically connected to a generator in order to do this scan. However, keep in mind that it does not scan your body. It only scans the sample encased within the plates.

When we use the term "Remote", people assume we're referring to the Spooky2 Remote (i.e. the piece of equipment). Thus, we need to differentiate between using a Spooky2 Remote, and scanning "at a distance" which is what the Sample Digitizer is capable of doing.

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