Create a Pulsed Scalar Field Using Two Remotes.

This topic is a fork from a previous thread that developed in researching the resonance frequency of the Spooky Remotes (both V1.1 and V2.0). It was decided that the previous thread title may be a turn off for non-technical users, and so a more user-friendly topic would be started (hence this post). If you're interested in the more technical aspects of how this came to be, visiting the original discussion here:

I have created a few presets, which I have dubbed Scalar Pulse. The general idea is that when two electromagnetic fields cancel each other out a scalar wave is created. By having the frequencies on the two OUTs of a generator offset by a constant (AKA Scoon Effect), there is a continuous phase shift between the output signals. Thus creating a wave-like pattern of the signals going into and out of phase with each other, creating a scalar wave which pulses at the frequency of the constant offset. This is all done at the resonance frequency of each type of remote, where the remotes are operating most efficiently.

Enough technical mumbo-jumbo (that's for the other thread).

Several in the previous thread have report incredible energizing effects of the presets. The purpose of this thread is to experiment with and document the effects of the following presets. Unlike most Spooky presets, this one is designed for use WITHOUT Spooky Boost. In order to use these presets, you also need TWO remotes connected to ONE generator.

Below are 4 shell presets. Pick which is most appropriate for your hardware configurations. Load up programs (try to keep to frequencies under 10000 HZ) and run according to the instructions in the notes.

Place the remotes apart from each other, and physically be in the space between the remotes. DNA is not required to be present in the remotes (personally I would be cautious of having DNA of the remotes unless it's your own).

Remote V1.1 Shell Presets:
ScalarPulse XM Shell (Remote V1.1) - BR.txt

ScalarPulse GX Shell (Remote V1.1) - BR.txt

Remote V2.0 Shell Presets:
ScalarPulse XM Shell (Remote V2.0) - BR.txt

ScalarPulse GX Shell (Remote V2.0) - BR.txt

Pictures of the setup to follow...


Copy the above files to C:\Spooky2\Preset Collections\User
You can create a sub-folder in there if you like ie. "C:\Spooky2\Preset Collections\User\Rothman

10/14/18 - If you are experiencing problems with outputs having 0v amplitudes please update to the latest version of Spooky from the download section of John White's

10/16/18 - These presets cannot be run standalone on GeneratorX because in standalone mode OUT2 is always "inverse and sync" of OUT1.

Remote V1.1 Setup:


Remote V2.0 Setup:


For more details, please check the link:



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