I started my treatment for hearing loss yesterday afternoon. Is healing done by the Spooky2 immediate or do they happen very slowly?

This depends on what needs to happen within the body. For instance, if one has a respiratory infection, and start using programs that kill the pathogens, the pathogens may die very quickly, but the housecleaning to get rid of the pathogen "parts", as well as any other toxins related to this as well as any healing that needs to happen will all happen at the rate the body can do it. If the program being run is not effective to kill the pathogens causing the problem, then there will most likely be very little change.

If the problem is not related to pathogen activity but may be helped by toxin removal or by frequencies stimulating healing, then these will happen at rates the body can do the work. In these cases, it is always best to reduce intake of any toxins, get plenty of rest, etc., to allow the body maximum energy to perform the tasks desired.

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