I am in Programs Tab of generator XM number 3 and I have noticed that unexpectedly the programs of another generator that has finished a chain preset are loaded in the Tab that I am. Is this a bug?

1. It is not a bug. When a preset loads automatically, all the parameters load into the settings tab.

2. Stop all generators, stop Spooky2, go to your /Spooky2/Data folder and delete the files CH3.txt, CH5.txt, CH6.txt, CH7.txt, and CH10.txt. Also, delete any other CH" something".txt file that exists there.

Relaunch Spooky 2 and see if the behavior persists. These files keep the record of the last configuration for every generator, and if they get somehow corrupted, then a new installation won't reset them.

For more details, please check the link:

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