Dr. Haley (EmeraMed) designed a wonderful molecule he calls NBMI, it's done wonders with heavy metals detox for a decade. How can I get the NBMI work on my son?

1. The molecular weight is below if you have a Spooky2 machine. You could try using it. Spooky2 can convert the molecular weight of a substance to the correct frequency to simulate the substance. Its experimental but you could try it. I am not an expert. I am only trying to give you options try at your own risk. I have had success using molecular weight frequencies Craig. Of course, you need to be running kidney detox programs at the same time when chelating.

Spooky2 also has mercury/heavy metal detoxing programs.

Emeramide, also known as NBMI or 2-mercaptoethyl is ophthalamide, is a mercury/heavy metal chelator. Molecular Weight: 284.39

It is a molecule specifically designed to safely cross BBB and remove heavy metals by binding them then later breaking apart with enzyme P-450. Numerous scientifical studies have shown excellent results and no side effects, which is exactly what one should expect from a good substance. It also has no burden on kidneys.

2. The fastest way to get NBMI working for you is to make a program and run it on Spooky2. I enclosed a screenshot of what the program should look like.
To make program click file upper left corner.
Click create program fill in the data from my screenshot save.
Go to database upper left corner click refresh database.
Next Go to presets click on Substances.
Then click programs and search for NBMI it should come up click on it to load
Then click on control tab upper right. Make sure Allow overwrites is checked upper right corner.
Click the pink box it will load program into generator click start.
Start slow with this because it is a drug. Run 1 hour and detox and hour if no problems increase to 2 hours etc. Do not run more than 4 hours a day in the beginning. It is not recommended to run drugs 24/7 do at your own risk. Run kidney and liver detox programs when not running the NBMI program drink lots of water.
You can have this running a in as little as an hour. Or wait days to talk a doctor into helping.


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