Can anyone recommend any frequencies and protocols they've done successfully to recover and bounce back after chemo?

1. If it were my mum, I'd take a very gentle approach at this stage: no killing, just support. There is a lovely Healing & Regeneration preset in the Presets tab Miscellaneous folder. I'm a big fan of the ready-made presets.

Also, if you put "chemo" into the Programs search bar you'll find some suggestions. Read the side notes. Add the appropriate ones to a relevant empty shell.

2. I suggest that while your mum is recovering from the chemo to do Biofeedback Scan every day. Then when you have enough BFB's - at least 20 then analyze your data to identify the most common hit areas and use these ranges once your Mum has recovered from the chemo. I haven't had enough experience with GenX BFB's yet, so I can only recommend this for pulse generated BFB's. This is not to say that GenX doesn't produce similar results (and of course far quicker) to using pulse, just that I haven't researched it yet.

If you want to learn more details, please check this link:

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