Is the frequency of plasma output the same as that of Central contact output?

1. Yes, you can use all of the outputs from the Central simultaneously.

However, the Contact and PEMF from Central are fixed frequency and amplitude.
The Plasma runs the Program frequency and the Ultrasound runs either a division of 16 or 256 of the program frequency.
See Specifications for Central at the Spooky2-mall site for the details.

The 100Hz Contact and Biofeedback frequencies are used to assist in opening the cell wall to allow more frequency into each cell, so it would be helpful.

2. To clarify: You can only use the Plasma/Contact/Ultrasonic/PEMF combination simultaneously via Spooky Central.

In this instance, the Contact & Ultrasonic will open pathways allowing greater penetration by Plasma, while PEMF will deal with localized pain. In some of the manuals, this combo is referred to as "Plasma Plus".

You should *not* run contact on a separate generator while using Plasma.

I point this out only because it has come up a number of times and been misunderstood by others who have joined the thread later.

For more details, please check this link:

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