Can I use Sample Digitizer to run "hunt&kill" or "scan&run" and run scan results automatically on Remote?

1. The Digitizer Scan & Run (and Hunt & Kill) continues to scan, and in turn runs the results remotely.

Initially, we did this all on the Digitizer, auto "scan&run" etc with the Digitizer operating (for the run phase) as a "primitive remote".

We later learned that we can also employ the automated scan/run method on two separate generators: the first one is connected to the Digitizer for scanning; the second one is connected to a Remote for running results. It swaps back and forth between these two, and given that the v2.0 Remote (the black clamshell) is so effective, we thus receive a much stronger benefit from the run process.

2. These two videos will help you:

For more details, please check this link:

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