How to trigger fast healing. Are there any suggestions for Viral fever?

1. In Newport Adaptions Presets, there is a preset called Gripe. People with the flu have said it shortened their flu. Usually over it in a day or 2 rather than 2 weeks.

In programs. Can search fever, Mickie"s Magic Three which helps with pain. Search pain, inflammation, and whatever virus you think you have.

As to vitamins and minerals - think of those we could take over the counter to boost immunity and for pain. Rife for those vitamins: vitamin C and Zinc and Magnesium, etc.

2. Look here: /Newport Adaptations/Remote/Chained Presets:

Gelsemium (Grippe Toxin)+ Chain.txt
Grippe 30 - Influenza 1924 (R) - DB.txt
Grippe 30 - Influenza 1964 (R) - DB.txt
Grippe 30 - Influenza 1975 (R) - DB.txt
Grippe 30 - Influenza 1983 (R) - DB.txt
Grippe 30 - Influenza 1984 (R) - DB.txt
Grippe 30 - Influenza 1988 (R) - DB.txt
Grippe 30 - Influenza 1995 (R) - DB.txt
Grippe 30 - Influenza 2005-H1N5 (R) - DB.txt
Grippe 30 - Influenza 2009-H1N1 (R) - DB.txt

3. I had a great idea for viral and bacterial problems. Colloidal silver works but its so hard to get into the area where the viral and bacterial bug is, it will kill bugs within six minutes it staves them of oxygen. If you can't make it you can buy it from a health food shop get the smallest bottle. Put that onto the Spooky2 Scalar and the passive Colloidal silver turns into a hunter-killer and goes right through your body killing all the virus and bugs. I think it will work for most things. and then your body will just get rid of the dead bugs.

For more details, please check this link:

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