My red blood count is real low and I need to run something that will help this. Any suggestions?

1. There are several blood programs in the list. Please start with that. Also, white blood stimulate. Knowing the root is really important and go from there. Doing your BFB scan and running that is the primary start.

2. You really need to run to a hematologist and see if he can prescribe some erythropoietin shots, that will stimulate your bone marrow to produce red blood cells. Also, he might investigate why this is happening to you, because there are many causes, including internal bleeding, chronic anemia, etc. If you don't know yet the cause, go find it out first.

3. New blood cells need stem cell activity. That is always repressed by high cortisol (stress, lack of sleep before midnight) and alcohol ( even small amounts within 48hrs, higher amounts up to 28 days). So look up stress, cortisol, and detox.

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