Does anyone have any suggestions for adrenaline dump headache?

1. Have a look at Grounding programs. (Base chakra, Kundalini, various essential oils), also programs that treat Adrenals, like Calm.
There is very interesting stuff under Miscellaneous - Experimental.

2. I get those kinds of migraines too, usually about 2 days after the stressful event, and your question has really made me think! I suspect a good thing to try is to detox the excess adrenaline ASAP, using Spooky2 along with a chelating agent for a couple of days. Activated Charcoal? Because the excess adrenalin causes a vasospasm in the brain, I would try programs like "Vasospasm Intracranial", and the detox headache ones.

For more details, please check this link:

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