I have 2 XM Generators hooked up to a 4 port laptop. Both gens work when hooked up separately but I cannot figure out how to work them both at the same time.

1. What is very likely happening is that Windows is assigning the same COM port to both generators and only one gets to play.

So, with BOTH generators plugged in and the Spooky software NOT loaded, go to Control Panel/Device Manager/Ports. You may see a screen with eight logos, representing categories when you get to the Control Panel. If so then select System, Then Device Manager, then Ports. 

In the Ports control panel, you should see your generators listed as Silicon Labs something or other. Pick one, right-click, select Properties. Go to the Port Settings tab. Click on the Advanced button and you should see a drop-down on the screen that opens, which allows you to select a new port number for the generator. Choose an available port. Okay to get out of that, then okay again, then close the control panel stuff and you should be good to go. Restart Spooky.

I hope I didn't abbreviate the process too much, but you should be able to get it fixed with what I put here.

2. When you bring up Device Manager, in the View menu, choose "Show hidden devices". When you look into the Ports (COM & LPT), you may find ports with dimmed icons. If you find such dimmed ones, click the dimmed port, press the right mouse button to bring up a menu, and choose "Uninstall". Sometimes you get ports in a bad state the prevent Spooky from seeing the Spooky2-XM generator.

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