Preset for 12 Meridians Based on the Energy Wheel.

Here is a preset I put together for the 12 Energy Meridians based on the energy wheel as I learned it from Donna Eden.

The set must be started exactly at 11 am (Heart) so the program will progress properly at the correct time. This can be achieved by using the Schedule section under settings within the Spooky2 software or simply turned on at the proper time. 

The preset runs for 24 hours to encompass the entire Meridian wheel. It starts and ends each Meridian position with the two Meridians - Conception Vessel (XTRA) and then Governing Vessel (XTRA). It then runs the entire wheel focusing on the active Meridian for that time frame of the wheel by repeating it twice. It will continue this until all 12 Meridians have been addressed. 

24 hr Meridians.txt

For more details, please check the link:

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