After running a biofeedback, which preset should I select, a healing or a killing preset?

1. You want to kill the pathogens detected through the biofeedback. Select killing (JW is the best from my experience). You can put DNA samples into one remote but they have to be separated really well with a sticker or such.

2. You can select a Killing shell or the Universal Square H-Bomb (my personal choice).

Detox Maintenance is a ready-made preset. In other words, it contains frequencies that are already built into an appropriate shell. It's a "click-and-go" preset. You select it in the Presets tab, and move directly to the Control tab to run it.

On the other hand, your biofeedback scans comprise various frequencies, so they, like anything else you select from the Programs tab, require a "custom build". The easiest way to custom-build is to select a Shell (Empty) Preset from the Presets tab, move to Programs tab and select your program/s (which could be your biofeedback scan, or indeed any program/s), then move to the Control tab to run.

Prior to the experts providing us with Empty Shells, people had to go to the Settings tab to set up their own "shell". We are blessed these days that this is no longer necessary, albeit that people who are particularly skilled may want to fiddle around with their own settings.

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