How can l save Biofeedback Scan Results without losing all the info?

1. You can still access your prior scanned data. Load the biofeedback preset you used before to your generator. Then instead of pressing scan, press analyze. It will open a list of prior biofeedback scan results. Select the latest one (I sort by date with newest at the top) and analyze it. It should bring you back the list of your top 10 frequencies and you can then save them as a program to run.

2. In my experience (six months) all scan results are held forever in the system unless you delete the old ones manually. The scan results are saved automatically at the end of the scan. The results you see (typically 10 frequencies), that you can reverse look, and save as a program are the result of the analysis step not the actual scan. That analysis step can be repeated on the automatically save scan results. So unless something happen and the scan was not actually performed, you should be able to start with the analysis step and go from there.

1). On control panel stop a generator
2). On preset panel select a biofeedback appropriate for the generator
3). Go to the control panel, select allow overwrite and select your generator (it should be ready to scan)
4). Instead pressing scan press analyze
5). A window will open listing prior scans
6). Select the most recent by date and time
7). Allow the analysis to run
8). Ten results frequencies will display
9). Do a reverse Lookup
10). Close the reverse Lookup result window being careful not to close the scan analysis results which on some laptops sits right behind it. So an extra double-click on the window x could close both windows.
11). Save your results as a program using the disk icon on the window listing the 10 frequencies. This will also close the window. Perhaps this is where you made it to before and wondered where did they go?
12). The save program can now be accessed via the program tab, but first you need a preset empty shell.
13). Go to the preset tab and pick shell empty preset. Select one for remote, contact, or plasma depending on what you are using.
14). Once the preset is loaded, switch to the programs tab and search for BFB this will bring up all saved programs created at step 11. Pick the one that matches your time of the scan and then load the program and preset into a stopped generator, being sure to check the allow generator overwrite box.

I have to run out for a while. I will check back later and see if you were able to make sense of the above.

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