Can I run remote all day? Is that normal?

1. Yes you can leave the remote running all the time until you run the next contact , but you will want to try running different presets from time to time depending on how many generators you have, especially for cancers.

2. You may like to consider running the 11-day Terrain (Detox folder) before doing anything else. I know it's tempting to jump right in with the cancer programs, but without running Terrain you risk dumping a lot of junk into your system.

Terrain clears things out which makes running your cancer programs safer and more effective.

Fingernail DNA is said to last long-term, but the recommendation (to be sure) is to replace it once a month. Make sure you encase it in paper tape or labels.

Remote runs 24/7 in most instances, albeit that you would need to swap it over to contact, alternating the modalities, if you have only one generator.

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